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Magma Industries Limited

2003, saw the inception of Magma Industries Limited, which was formerly known as Ravi Rasayan by Shri Dinesh Garg, with the vision to create quality chemicals and intermediates, fulfilling specific requirements to provide the customers with a complete solution of their needs. Aiming towards sustainability, development and growth of the product, customer satisfaction and quality, Magma Industries Limited encourages teamwork and management ethos.

Magma Industries Limited is a leading bulk drug manufacturing company, trailing with an experience of over 30 years as manufacturers of quality chemicals and intermediates. With well established infrastructure and world class facilities adhering to the latest quality standards we have prominent presence all across the country as leading chemical manufacturers and suppliers. Fulfilling the utmost levels of quality and quantity, the company is built on the three pillars of:

  • Reliability
  • Standardization
  • Innovation

Transitioning to API & API Intermediates manufacturing in 2007, and complying to the cG.M.P. Norms (Approved by the Government of India), Magma Industries creates a winning culture of co-operation amongst competitors and a pinnacle of excellence, service and R&D. We strive for perpetual technology upgrade, high business ethics and novel product development.

Company Mission

Trailing with an experience and reputation as the leading market names for 30 years, Magma Industries Limited has voiced strong ethics and a quality work environment to rise as an equitable environment of nurturing, growth, innovation and excellence.

We aim at becoming the 'Choice Vendor of Bulk Drugs' to achieve the market leadership.

We adhere to consistent quality at competitive prices with the most flexible manufacturing practices and methods.

Magma resonates at being dynamic by continuously adopting proven technologies and customized solutions to meet the ever changing and growing requirements of the market.